photographs taken by John James of jj99 for the website  "" photographs are in albums grouped under "French Touring Holidays""European Touring Holidays""Self drive tour of California""Short breaks with Tonbridge and Malling Ramblers Association""HRH Prince Charles""Chelsea Flower Shows""Alternative Fashion Show,London""KATS walking group trwinning with Actif Hainalt Marche, Valenciennes"


Under law I own the copyright on all the photos I have taken taken, with the following exceptions:

In all other cases, I  retain the copyright, if I am paid for my work, the payment will be for my  time and typically an allocated number of prints. The copyright to the photos will remain with me, and therefore any reproduction without permission would be an infringement of copyright.

The two primary reasons for marking my work are to ensure that those accessing my images are clear that copyright exists and that they know who to contact to obtain permission. The watermark may also give the image reference number which makes ordering easier.However, I own the copyright to the images I have taken even if they are not watermarked ( with the above exceptions)

much of my work is provided on CDs or DVDs to enable the customer to use the images on their own website or to make prints for their own personal use or for their friends and family. The copyright is waived for this personal use but remains for  any commercial use unless I have specifically assigned the full copyright in writing  to the customer.Commercial customers will often want to purchase the full copyright for their images and the price charged will reflect this.